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Troops under Investigation

It seems that a small group of soldiers planned and executed a brutal rape and murder of an Iraqi family. One suspect has reportedly admitted to being involved in this incident and another soldier has indicated that he overheard the people involved discuss and plan this attack.

BAGHDAD, June 30 -- The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that American soldiers raped and killed a woman and killed three of her family members in a town south of Baghdad, then reported the incident as an insurgent attack, a military official said Friday.

According to an anonymous source within the investigation, the soldiers involved entered the Iraqi home, separated the three males of the family from the lone female and proceeded to rape the young women. Then in an attempt to hide the evidence, the woman’s body was burned and the three males were all executed.

If John Murtha called these individuals cold blooded killers I would probably have to agree with that assessment (I hate to say that because Murtha is a POS. but I think in this case that description might be accurate. Although he sees no way to advance himself politically with this story so his fat mouth is now shut).This is a disgrace and those responsible should be held accountable and be imprisoned for life or put to death.

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