Friday, December 29, 2006

Edwards Announces Run for '08

John Edwards announces his run for the presidency. Wow, who cares.
And he does it from New Orleans as if it's not a photo op but as if he really cares about poor black people.

Hey look at me, I love black kids.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hillary 4th in Iowa Poll

Drudge used the headline, Shock Poll: Hillary 4th in Iowa.

(KCCI) The poll asked Iowa Democrats which candidates they would vote for if the 2008 Democratic caucus were held today. The top three candidates were Sen. John Edwards at 22 percent, Democratic U.S. Sen. Barrack Obama at 22 percent and Vilsack at 12 percent. U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York came in fourth at 10 percent.

But is it really a shock that America doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be president? Frankly, it’s not a shock that Democrats don’t even want Hillary as their party’s nomination. She’s old news. The Obamanator is the new news. Although, the media’s hyping of him was premature, for his momentum will have long faded by 2008.

I don’t even see any real Democrats emerging as viable presidential nominees. I see a bunch of pandering liberals putting on a show trying to tight-rope their fringe-base and the moderate majority.