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6/6/06 The Mark of The Beast

Today is 6/6/06 so I thought I would tell you a very scary story.

One hot and humid morning a prince awoke from his long and lonely slumber to the cheers of an overwrought crowd. He awoke reenergized after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the millennium winner. While he slept he grew an eerie facial mane that had the masses wondering, what on earth can this be, Is it the mark of the beast? All the while the prince’s minions were up in arms; howling at the demoralizing bluster that relinquished them of power.

But now, as the stage is set, the most unclean has risen again. The stars are aligned, the time is right and the world will be forced to witness the devastating demon from on high. He will eat your children for breakfast and watch your television during prime time! He will bring darkness to the world and blood to the rivers of America! He will use clever trickery to influence your position and will fight for the earth in a way that feigns caring. HE IS…AL Gore!

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