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Dan Rather, Crack and Taiwanese Hookers

The Intelligence Report, via my producer Missy Mapes, was given old documents indicating that Dan rather smoked crack on the job. According to internal CBS memos, there was an extraordinary effort by CBS staff to prevent the highly experienced news anchor from injuring himself both physically and mentally.

It seems these memos were released in a timed effort to further discredit Mr. Rather. Just today, news broke that
CBS refused to renew his “60 Minutes” contract; effectively booting the aging journalist. And I have it on good authority that someone within the news organization felt it necessary to point out the reasoning behind what seems to be the firing of the marquee name of CBS. This is one of the memos provided to the Intelligence Report by my producer’s anonymous network source.

MEMO: Rather Is Out of Control.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been through some rough times with the honorable Dan Rather. We have had good days and bad days and even incredibly horrible days. You all know what I’m referring to. The crack addiction of our beloved anchor has gotten out of control.

His insistence on having three Taiwanese hookers present in his dressing room prior to rehearsals has become more trouble than fun at this point. Along with the hooker problem is of course the cocaine problem; which we have all become quite aware of in the past few years.

Despite Dan’s assurances that he is seeking help for his addiction it has become evident that his problem is untenable. We have to do something drastic or we will have to seriously think about the prospect of firing him. It saddens us to have to send this memo out but it is in the best interests of the network that we be prepared.

As you can see, the leaked memo, which I must point out is 100% authentic, shows a different picture from what is being reported nationally. Our source has assured us that Mr. Rather’s crack and hooker problem is real and that CBS acted in their best interests by firing the now former CBS News anchor.

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