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That Wonderful Culture of Corruption

Pardon me from bringing up the fact that when Democrats were pushing what they called a “real security plan” they were bypassing checkpoints and punching DC cops. When they were outraged over the NSA terrorist-surveillance program the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee used a political operative to steal (without a warrant) the financial records of Lt. Governor Michael Steele. When the Dems were condemning Republican ethics, the head Democrat on the House Ethics Committee stepped down amid corruption charges. And now the Democrats are using the phrase culture of corruption to describe the GOP while their party is being hit with scandal after scandal. Is it Irony or perhaps bad political timing? Maybe both…

(Washington Post) For Jefferson, 59, the money-making schemes were supposed to be all in the family, involving his wife, two brothers, five daughters and two sons-in-law. As a member of the House Ways and Means trade subcommittee, Jefferson has traveled repeatedly to Nigeria and other western African countries and met with their leaders.

Jefferson's secretive business negotiations have already yielded guilty pleas from one business partner, Vernon L. Jackson, and a former top aide, Brett M. Pfeffer. Both have confessed to conspiring to bribe the congressman. Jackson admitted giving Jefferson more than $400,000 in exchange for using his official position to promote high-tech business ventures in Africa.

As I’ve said before, Given that his name is not Tom Delay I expect little to no outrage over this $400,000 bribe that happens to be slightly (and by slightly, I mean a lot) more relevant than “conspiring to inject corporate contributions in a state election”. However, I am starting to agree with what the Democrats are claiming is the culture of corruption in Washington. It's true, Democrats look to be corrupt…so thanks for pointing that out Nancy Pelosi, you were absolutely right.