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Mocked DNC Gets Upset

The College Republican National Committee has asked college republicans to mock the hysteria of the liberal establishment over global warming by holding global warming beach parties or passing out snow cones at “global cooling” events. Well, needless to say the uptight DNC got their panties in a bunch and started attacking those Republicans who took part in the fun-filled events.

(Yahoo News) "The College Republicans' beach parties mocking global warming are just another example of the misplaced priorities and short- sightedness of the Republican Party," said College Democrats of America President Grant Woodard. "The College Republicans' ignorance toward the seriousness of global warming and climate change shows a Party more focused on partying than talking seriously about the issues facing young people across America. While College Republicans party on this summer, College Democrats will be knocking on doors, working to get Democrats elected nationwide. With young leadership like this, Republicans should prepare to get burned in the upcoming elections."

Well, cry me a freakin' river Mr. Woodard. And if some Democrap comes knocking at my door working to get some moron like Al Gore or Hillary Clinton elected I will be forced to use my brand new taser designed specifically to down hippies.

And let me get this straight; College Republicans give out snow cones while politely providing an opposing view on the extent to which global warming exists, if at all, while College Liberals boo, yell, turn their backs on, and throw pies at people with whom they disagree…sounds about right.

You may not believe this but some of them are really upset.
I debated this topic on myspace to which we did bring up pie throwing. Of course they dont advocate violence but will not denounce it as it happens on their part.

I had politely ask, if we, all of us were to draw a line of political correctness and define healthy and constructive protest that we should all adhere to, what would it be?
I didnt get an answer on that.
I did however remind them of the eco display of Dave Mathews and his sewer spewing motorcoach.

I'm not surprised they had no answer to that question.

And why are some people upset over this? We have leftist teachers indoctrinating students; no outrage. Pies being smashed in the faces of speakers; no outrage. Heckling an American war hero; no outrage.

...But this is what upsets them?

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