Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Liberal Radio Network Formed

After Air "jackass" America filed Chapter 11, a new breed (same as the old breed) of asshole wannabe radio hosts announced the formation of the next liberal radio company.

(Newsmax) Nova M Radio, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona officially announced the formation of its new progressive talk radio network, which will feature former Air America host Mike Malloy as one of its on-air personalities.

Anita Drobny and Sheldon Drobny, co-founders of the Air America Radio Network along with partner Dr. Mike Newcomb, CEO & Chairman of Nova M Radio, are the principals of the new network. Joe Trippi, former communications director for Howard Dean's failed White House run in 2004, joins Nova M Radio as a consultant.

So the founders of the failed Air America are starting a new network with former failed Air America personalities and are being consulted by Joe Trippi the failed communications director of Howard Dean’s failed White House run … yeah, it sounds like a winner.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hostage Defends Terrorist

Peace Activist and former hostage comes to the aid of a suspected Egyptian Terrorist

--TORONTO (AP) - An Egyptian father of six detained as a suspected terrorist for five years without charge or trial began his third quest for bail, with a former Canadian hostage in Iraq speaking out in his defense.

Christian peace activist James Loney, who spent four months as a hostage in Iraq before being freed by British special forces in March, showed up at the courthouse to express solidarity with Jaballah.--

Sometimes my hate for terrorists is outweighed by my hatred of nutty peace activists
-h/t Opinionnation Times-