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One Dinner with Bill and Powell's Hospitalized

Colin Powell fell ill yesterday at a dinner he attended with President Bill Clinton. It was a slight scare and he was only hospitalized for a brief amount of time and was able to make a Friday morning seminar. People seem to always fall ill or die in tragic accidents or apparently commit suicide when the Clintons are around. Clinton Body Count.

ASPEN, Colo. -- Saying he was fine, former Secretary of State Colin Powell returned to a seminar Friday after being briefly hospitalized following a dinner with former President Clinton and others.

Powell, 69, arrived on time for a panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival and showed no signs that he had been sick the night before.

Hell, I would be sick too if I had to eat dinner next to Bill Clinton. So you can’t really blame the man for having to be taken to the hospital. One minute of Clinton talking about himself could make any man sick. Or maybe Hillary slipped something in General Powell’s food because she thought him and Clinton…you know…were having an affair. You can’t put anything past slick Willy.

LOL, this is too funny.

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »

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