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Michael Moore Goes On Rampage

Have you heard about the hunger strike protests that Code Pink has organized? Cindy Sheehan and some Hollywood celebrities, along with Code Pink, are promising to not eat any food, some for 24 hours and others until September, to protest the war in Iraq. Well, I found out that among those who are participating in the strike is none other than Michael Moore. Upon hearing this news, I immediately knew there was going to be big trouble. Michael Moore without food for 24 hours…something bad was bound to happen; and it did.

(Daily Mail) A pensioner was brutally attacked in his home by a 'crazed cannibal' who ate his thumb and bit chunks from his face and body, it emerged last night. Douglas Morgan, 75, is recovering in hospital with his wife Valerie at his bedside after the vicious attack which left him unconscious and covered in blood.

The elderly couple were getting ready for bed when they heard someone climbing through a window they had left open in the heat-wave. Mr. Morgan went downstairs to investigate. When the pensioner confronted the intruder, he was punched and bitten viciously across his face and upper parts of his body. The attacker then bit off part of his thumb and ate it.

The search is still underway for Mr. Moore. It is believed that he ran off into the night like a rabid fat man on acid screaming, “Halliburton made me do it, Halliburton made me do it!” Police have gathered and our asking all persons to stay in their homes and lock their doors. "With a man like this out on the streets, we must urge all county residents to stay alert and indoors”, said an unnamed local police captain.

Be afraid, be very afraid. And if you see a big socialist weasel running around, be sure that you shoot him…he is very dangerous.

That's so cruel, but how I laughed.


Funny? Do u have ANY idea what humour is?

sad sad sad little rigthwingnuts...

I suppose this would be your idea of clever humor: I'm sure you'd fit right in with these morons

Don’t get your panties in a bunch because I made fun of your hero, lol

well it's certainly funnier than anything you could write.

and i don't do heroes, ta very much.

but watching you trying to be funny is even sadder than watching you trying to 'debate', watching you call everyone else 'hate-filled' when all you do is hate and snipe and scrape the barrel.

why do you bother? what do you really expect to achieve? it's quite easy to tell by the lack of response to your blog that, compared to any number of other humourous or constructive blogs, that you're out in the wilderness of immature rant and misconception.

even Bush would be embarrassed to have you as a cheer-leader.

sad sad sad


how nice of you to say...

Yet we are supposed to take YOUR word for it since you have no balls and can only post as "Anonymous".... riiiiiight.

You right wing nuts have destroyed our constition, spent a trillion dollars on some third rate country war like Iraq, put the country into the poor house and made us dependent on communist chinese foreigh aid, have left an American city like New Orleans totally in ruins, and you still have the balls to gloat. You should be strung up by YOUR BALLS TRAITOR!

Uh oh, it looks like someone shit in your Cheerios, EuroSkank.


Why don't you go and kiss some more ass of the liberal bloggers you frequent. As usual you have no clue of what you are talking about, our US Constitution is doing just fine as it has for 230 years, no thanks to you liberals

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