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Keira, What the Hell Happened to You?

Keira Knightly

You used to be so gorgeous…eat for heaven's sake

Can we send her sandwiches via ups?

She's always been on the very thin side, but this is ridiculous. The unhealthy images that are thrust down the throats of young girls these days often ends with this dangerous weight loss.

Do these girls know it can kill them!!!! Horrible.

Very true...

I have seen shows where young women have plastic surgery to try to look identical to their favorite star. That’s how deep it can get; how insane it can get. And with so many stars going horridly thin...it will have an impact on many adolescent teenagers.

She was beautiful in Bend it Like Beckham, but she's so thin it's scary (and definitely unhealthy). I hope she gets help. She certainly needs it.

Excellent, love it!
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