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Condi Counters Iran's Propaganda

The Washington Post is reporting that the United States might hold one-on-one talks with the radical Iranian regime if that regime were to suspend its uranium enrichment program. However, this seems to be a simple political move on the part of Condi Rice designed to rebut the world community’s attempts to bolster Iran’s standing in the world. After the left praised Ahmadinejad’s insane letter directed to the White House and the UN placed Iran on its Disarmament Commission, the United States had to do something to stem the propagandas achievements of Iran that the world seems so anxious to fall for.

(Washington Post)The United States is willing to join European
nations in direct talks with Iran if the Iranian government first agrees to
suspend its programs to enrich uranium and reprocess spent nuclear fuel,
activities that Washington charges are part of plans to build nuclear weapons.

It’s obvious that Iran likely will not suspend its enrichment program and if they do agree to the US terms it still does not mean they will stop their secret facilities from continuing to move ahead with nuclear testing. So, as I pointed out, this move on the part of the administration is simply to put the pressure back on Iran where it should be; Not on the US where the anti-American UN and the “global community” want it to be.