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Colossal Diplomatic Breakthrough

(Associated Press) - North Korea told the United States it shut down its nuclear reactor, the State Department said Saturday, hours after a ship cruised into port loaded with oil promised in return for the country's pledge to disarm.

If confirmed by a U.N. inspection team headed to the Yongbyon reactor, the shutdown would be the North's first step in nearly five years toward de-nuclearization.

The Bush Administration’s diplomatic strategy for N. Korea as well as its willingness to use military force may have, in fact, saved millions of lives. So, where are the massive celebrations and the congratulatory handshakes from both the media and the Democratic Party? Not to mention the apologies for all of the partisan naysaying with regard to how President Bush has handled North Korea.

For some reason, I have the feeling that if a Democrat were in office and made such a difficult and skillful breakthrough on the Korean peninsula, it would be played up by every media outlet for weeks... but I could be wrong