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Source: Al-Qaeda Bribed ABC

In light of the controversy over ABC News and their report about the FBI investigating The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert; I have a scoop that will blow your mind. As you might know, ABC based the Hastert report on anonymous sources and continues to stick by the story despite the fact that the Department of Justice says no investigation has taken place. However, did you know the network has been hiding something from the American People?

According to high level sources within ABC, key anchors and producers of ABC News have been engaged in one of the largest cover-ups in U.S. history. I have it on good authority that the network has taken bribes form elements of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in return for undermining the GOP and in particular the Bush Administration. These sources have indicated that Osama Bin Laden himself has been in contact with the news network and held direct conversations with reporter Brian Ross. The same Brian Ross that broke the story about the FBI investigation of the House Speaker.

Do these revelations explain the constant nay saying on the part of ABC in regards to Iraq? Well, that’s for you to decide. Because my sources have made it quite evident that the American Broadcasting Company will officially change their name to the Al-Qaeda Brotherhood Coalition just as soon as they finish their quest to skew the news to the point at which Americans no longer view Bin Laden as the enemy but the Republican Party.

Note: If the media can make shit up, why can’t I?

Now that was a fun READ!!!
Great job on the background and such too.

So that would mean that the next stop is Disney World for Al Qaeda since Disney owns ABC.


lol! CRAZY!

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