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Hostage Defends Terrorist

Peace Activist and former hostage comes to the aid of a suspected Egyptian Terrorist

--TORONTO (AP) - An Egyptian father of six detained as a suspected terrorist for five years without charge or trial began his third quest for bail, with a former Canadian hostage in Iraq speaking out in his defense.

Christian peace activist James Loney, who spent four months as a hostage in Iraq before being freed by British special forces in March, showed up at the courthouse to express solidarity with Jaballah.--

Sometimes my hate for terrorists is outweighed by my hatred of nutty peace activists
-h/t Opinionnation Times-

I completely agree.

He has no business defending anyone. If someone is suspected of being a terrorist, they should have no bail.

Let him have a nice crap if he doesn't like it. Human rights are for real citizens.

Maybe next time he won't walk out of the terrorist-havens he so willingly goes into without a thought of real Ameri--err, Canadians.

"Sometimes my hate for terrorists is outweighed by my hatred of nutty peace activists."


OK maybe a lot

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