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DNC Source: Bush Caused Indonesian Quake

A key source from the Democratic National Committee has told me that he has evidence that President Bush used a top-secret weapon to cause the 6-2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia. The weapon was designed and kept under wraps by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and, under the request of Karl Rove; President Bush used the “EQG-17” (Earthquake Generator), killing thousands of people. According to the DNC insider, a memo was passed among leading cabinet members of the Administration which ordered white house staffers to keep the use of the EQG-17 quiet or risk ending up in Guanatanamo bay, Cuba. However, this memo was leaked to the DNC and was, in turn, provided to The Intelligence Report. And after Mr. Bush caused Hurricane Katrina; this does not bode well for the embattled president

The President has issued a secret order to advance his poll numbers
and to draw attention away from Iraq and the sectarian violence that fills the
media headlines. The use of the EQG has been authorized and was successfully
tested in Indonesia providing us the perfect opportunity to push the political
discourse to American foreign aid instead of the current violence in Iraq.

Remember, it is your duty as a loyal member of the Administration to
keep this necessary action from getting to the press.

Thank You,
Karl Rove

This impeccable source, along with the leaked memo, has made it clear that President Bush, at the direction of Karl Rove, caused this earthquake in an effort to draw attention away from the war in Iraq and to raise his lagging poll numbers. This quake comes directly after Rove was moved from domestic policy duties in the Administration, to running the GOP midterm election campaign. This political move is classic Karl and indicates that he is willing to do anything to divert attention from Iraq.

The Intelligence Report was provided this information on the condition of anonymity out of fear of Administration reprisal. However, I assure you I check and re-check my facts before I report them to you. I check them as much as CBS checks their facts and DNC members never lie.

Note: If the media can make shit up, why can't I?

Bush is into everything, isn’t he?

Bush and Karl Rove made me lose my sunglasses too! Is there no end to their evil?

Kinda funny, but definately in bad taste. You watch, I'll bet there are moon-batty types out there - leftish, rightish or Islamofascish (g) - who'll read this and think it is real.

ha ha...maybe.

"Sources say" that "questions have been asked" about what "some are calling" a "natural" disaster.

Ow! I've got a cramp in my foot! Darn that Chimpy McBushHitler! It's his fault!

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